Have you met our shelfies?

Shelfies are the newest trend in the nursery decor world! They are smallish pieces of shelf decor, and we have designed a number for shelfies for you and added them to our range of nursery decor. Our shelfies show quite a bit of wood, which gives them a natural, soft look. They are safe for the small kids to play with. Some of our shelfies are painted in soft, pastel colours; other shelfies are in the trending mono-chrome theme.

You can, of course, always request your custom designs, and so we are confident that we have just the shelfies you want!


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We are South Africa's number one online store for Nursery Decor & Accessories since 2007. All our goodies are made by us from wood or felt and are hand-painted by true artists. If you are looking for lasting, high quality decor and accessories, you have come to the right online store!

We also make the immensely popular Nativity Set that children can play with, the Jesse Tree and the Pocket Saints.

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