About love.dominique

Work at love.dominique is exciting! Every day we get to do what we love: we make beautiful and useful decor for nurseries all over the world. We design and make all the items that you find on our website. We also make custom pieces for people who know what they want. And we continually come up with new ideas and new collections to give way to our inspirations.
Being artistic is our passion and our life - and we are very grateful that we can make a living doing what we love.
Thank you for making this possible.

Our story

Dominique started the business back in 2005 in her dad's garage.
As she started supplying more and more moms and dads, she needed more artistic hands and hearts to help her out. Her sisters started joining in and soon were working full time at love.dominique. When more help was needed, more artists came in. And when Dominique got married in 2017, her husband Edmund joined the business.

Meet the Team

love.dominique team

Entrepreneur, Designer, Artist and Co-Owner

Dominique is the founder and co-owner of love.dominique. Her passions are interior decorating, design, woodworking and painting. She is also a loving wife and a keen photographer. Outside of business hours she loves to paint, create artsy things, cook and bake. You can follow her on Instagram.

Co-Owner, Admin: Customer Service, Marketing, and the online stores

Edmund started working with Dominique after their wedding early 2017. He is a friendly techie, juggling the online stores, sales & marketing, IT, and office duties.

Workshop Manager, Woodworker and Artist

An artist in her free time, Cecilia brings her passion and skills to the workshop every day! She makes sure the orders are finished in time, does woodworking, gluing, painting... and all that with a bright smile.

Artist, Woodworker and Head of Packing

With years of experience and a hand of precision, Brigitta paints the most beautiful artworks for love.dominique. She also makes sure that the parcels are packaged and shipped efficiently and timely.

Our products

At love.dominique we try to use the best materials available, keeping in mind safety, your wallet and the environment.

Our wood products are made of MDF and painted with lead-free paints that are easy to wipe. Each product is hand-checked for quality and safety.

Soft products are made of pure cotton, felt and other fabrics. They are also made with the greatest care for detail and safety.

When it comes to packaging, we think of the environment and the cost to you. We use recycled boxes and pack them tightly, neatly and securely.

Our Promise

We promise to bring you beautiful pieces for your nursery, made of the finest quality materials, exactly as you want them - and delivered to your door. And we add to that unparalleled customer service.

We hope that you will love our nursery decor as much as we do!

The love.dominique team