Name Stand in Bright Orange

Name Stand / Bright Orange

Sturdy wooden name/word stands that make an eye catching décor piece.

  • Solid wood design.
  • The base enables the piece to stand straight unsupported.
  • Perfect for names or meaningful words.
  • Custom colours are welcome.

Height: ±13cm
Width: This depends on the word but will never be shorter than ±10cm or longer than ±40cm.
Thickness: Letters: 12mm / Base: 16mm
Colours: Bright Orange

Please note: We cannot create names/words in this font of more than 10 letters, unless the name is separated by a hyphen, or more than one word. Sizes are sometimes adjusted slightly to fit the proportion of the name/word.

Fill in the name/word of your choice in the "Customisation" bar below.

Lead time: 
1 week
Price per character: R75.00