Alphabet Letter Wall
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Alphabet Letter Wall

This gorgeous alphabet letter decor set will make a striking feature wall in your nursery or playroom. One the the best things about this statement decor set is it's extreme versatility. The letters can easily be arranged to suit your space: go around a door, a piece of furniture or fill a large and empty wall.

The letters are made from solid wood and can be mounted using double-sided tape or prestick. The prestick option is particularly good for textured walls, making this a viable option for even the most challenging spaces.

Custom colours are welcome - please contact us to discuss your custom colour/design requirements.

Size: The letters can fill a wall anything around 1x2m. This size can vary quite a bit as the letters can just be spaced according to your specific space. The largest letter is 36cm high and the smallest is around 12cm high.

Thickness: We use the following wood thicknesses randomly: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm and 16mm

Price includes free courier to anywhere in South Africa!

Lead time: 
2 weeks
Price: R1750.00